What is Programmatic Advertising?

To understand the programmatic advertising, at first, have a look at our traditional digital advertising process. In a traditional digital advertising, it relies on manual and as well as the slow process. From Requesting proposals, negotiating, insertions of orders, control purchased ad inventory, optimize campaigns it takes a long time.

But in programmatic advertising, automated technologies are making things easier by saving time. Programmatic advertising is also known as automated ad buying. Programmatic ad buying is a simply processes that carried out by software or you can say a platform. Platforms use gathered data from sophisticated consumer tracking systems so that advertisers can serve the ad to the right person, at the right time, in the right place and most importantly at the right price. So, When these ads are displayed on mobile devices those are called Mobile Programmatic Advertisement.

To get traffic advertisers can buy exchange inventory from Demand Side Platform (DSP). How do DSP works? DSP utilize sets of data that are relevant to the target audience for the campaign. It then purchases an ad inventory by biding for every single impression. The DSP is connected to multiple SSPs and Ad Exchanges to reach a large number of impressions. This ignores the irrelevant ads, deliver to the audience that best suited for the campaign, thereby reducing the possibility of inefficiency and waste of impressions and also ensure that advertisers get the lowest cost possible. Here an advertiser can buy impressions at the price for their campaign based on the target audience.

Programmatic Advertising Process


Why is it most effective and efficient than any other digital advertising platform in this era?

It’s only because of the mobile and internet usage rate in Bangladesh.

According to BTRC report at the end of November 2017,

The total number of Internet Subscribers has reached 80.166 million 

  • The number of Mobile Internet User 74.736 million
  • The number of WiMAX Internet User 0.088 million
  • The number of ISP + PSTN Internet User 5.342 million

total internet user ratio in Bangladesh


According to StatCounter GlobalStats, more than 74% market share is captured by mobile whereas the number is only 25% for desktop.

mobile vs desktop user comparison on Bangladesh

So you can reach 74% of your total audience with Programmatic Mobile Advertising.


In a publication of September 06, 2017 DhakaTribune reported that,

Only 2% of the 29 million registered Facebook users in Bangladesh are active, according to the latest findings of BTRC.

So in Bangladesh with a Programmatic Mobile Advertisement platform, you can reach 45+ million people more than the most popular social media marketing platform Facebook.


Why you should choose AlgoMindz!!!

AlgoMindz is proudly serving clients around the world. With our platform, you can reach your targeted customers exactly as you want and who are actually interested in your product. Like: Any targeted location or any targeted group of the customer as you want throughout their mobile phones. We can serve advertisements to millions of viewers for Bangladeshi advertisers. It’s especially helpful to Promote any Brand and to increase Brand Awareness and Recognition.

Our platform allows you to target your audiences on 15+ different variables.

Targeting options of AlgoMindz

We can add 10,000+ geofence targeting in one campaign.

Our platform can serve Image, Video, 3rd Party HTML tag and Native creatives. All sizes of creatives are supported on our platform.

The World is your market and Sky is the limit. Reach a huge number of audiences through the minimal expense and struggle.


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